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Austin Reiki Wellness is a totally natural solution to improve your health and wellness, eliminate pain and stress, and improve your overall life.

Reiki aids the body in releasing stress and creating deep relaxation. Reiki can accelerate healing, provide a sense of peace and facilitates body & emotional pain relief without using drugs or invasive procedures.

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ona 1strHi, I’m Tonya Thomas. I am a Reiki Master as well as a Habits & Relationship Coach and I look forward to helping you create and live the life you desire. I’ll tell you a little more about me in a minute, but first let me tell you about Reiki.

If you are new to Reiki a question you might be thinking is, “What is Reiki and can it really help me?”

What is Reiki…

Reiki is pronounced as Rei (ray) meaning spiritual or sacred and Ki (ke) meaning energy. Reiki is a practice of self-healing which leaves the recipient in a better state of equilibrium and balance. It does this through unblocking, balancing and increasing the energy flow throughout our body. Our body is basically an electrical system with a constant flow of electricity or energy flowing within. When this flow of energy is blocked, the end result is normally some sort of pain, illness or stress in one or more locations within our body.

The same applies for thoughts, which again are simply electrical impulses. These impulses or thoughts can also get stuck or blocked resulting in all types of stress, never ending mental chatter and emotional conditions that can lead to body pain if not cleared. Often times during a Reiki session the recipient may experience a release from stressful thoughts that have been bothering them for a while, receive answers to questions they may have and relief from stress. Reiki does this by unblocking and aligning with the body’s natural energy flow while utilizing spiritual (or universal life) energy to create the healing needed.

Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui in 1922 and brought to the states in the 70’s. The practitioner uses a light touch on the recipient whereby Spiritual Energy (aka: Universal Life Energy) is transferred to another person, animal or plant through the palms of the practitioner’s hands. This energy allows for self-healing and leaves the recipient in a state of equilibrium.

left 2str Reiki is performed with the recipient fully clothed, either in a lying down or sitting position using various hand positions on the body (Note: No private parts are touched.). It can also be performed, if preferred, with the hands slightly above and without touching the body. Reiki creates a relaxed, comfortable feeling, usually resulting in a calmer, more balanced state followed by increased rejuvenation.

Just a few years ago acupuncture was not recognized as a form of healing and was even associated as a bit of hocus pocus. And, yet today it’s considered a mainstream alternative healing technique, and some insurance companies even pay for it. Reiki is finally being recognized as a mainstream healing technique with massage therapists, psychotherapists, nurses and even doctors becoming Reiki practitioners. Many hospitals and programs such as Hospice are now offering Reiki as a service.

In fact, according to a 2007 National Health Interview Survey, there have been over 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children using some type of energy healing such as Reiki. It’s also estimated that over 60 hospitals and Hospice programs are now offering Reiki treatment.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), people with anxiety disorders can benefit from physical activity, relaxation techniques and proper nutrition, all which greatly reduces stress. With Reiki, people can experience deep relaxation and a feeling of peace, thereby reducing stress and promoting self-healing.

LucyHerLucy Her, PsyD

Through Tonya’s Reiki sessions, I was able to experience a powerful energy movement that coursed through her and then through my blood. It is something that I have never felt before, but I do believe that energy is alive and flowing through each of us and our being and who we draw to us. Energy can be healing or it can draw sick people into our lives if our own energy is stagnant. Tonya chooses to use her energy to heal, to help others. She chooses to let hers flow with a wholeness that leaves the soul, the spirit, and the heart feeling light. I love that.


What does Reiki feel Like…

The experience of Reiki is unique to each individual, however some possible experiences may include:

  •   Sensation of warmth from the practitioners’ hands
  •   Feelings of deep relaxation; might even fall asleep
  •   Sensation of floating or sinking
  •   Seeing images or colors
  •   Sensations of tingling

Reiki may bring unresolved emotions to the surface during or after a session, so time to discuss and process these emotions along with the experience of the session are planned immediately after the session. Some recipients may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when emotions such as sadness, anger or fear arise. Feelings are energy and need to be felt in order to be released and unblocked. These emotions and feelings are a message that something in our beliefs, thoughts and/or our relationships needs attention. The longer you push or stuff these emotions and feelings away, the more they will negatively affect you both emotionally and physically.

There is nothing the recipient needs to do during a Reiki session, but relax and enjoy the healing energy. There is no “negative energy” to be concerned with and Reiki can only help aid the mind, body and spirit so long as you are open to receive it.

Janet WhitneyJanet Whitney, MA

Thank goodness I found Tonya and her expert Reiki treatment. During a time of extreme stress in my life I felt like my legs were no longer attached to my body and I was unable to complete my morning run. I had one Reiki treatment with Tonya and with the energy she was able to bring into my body, I was able to run and feel my legs again right away.

I have now had several Reiki treatments with Tonya and highly recommend her as a source of great healing, relaxation and spiritual connection. She creates a warm, safe and positive atmosphere for anyone in her energy field. I highly recommend Tonya for her amazing Reiki abilities!

Reiki is Safe…

Reiki is a very safe natural form of healing and can be provided to most recipients regardless of the severity of condition. Reiki is done with the client fully clothed either lying down or sitting using various hand positions on the body. It can also be performed, if preferred with the hands slightly above and without touching the body. Even children, pets and plants can receive Reiki.

Here are a few pictures demonstrating some of the hand positions used during a Reiki session.


Most Reiki sessions will last between 30-60 minutes depending on your personal goals and circumstances. Below is a 45 minute Reiki session shortened down to about 4 minutes showing you what you might expect during a typical Reiki session.

Disclaimer: I am trained as a marriage, family and individual therapist; however, discussion and processing of Reiki sessions are not therapy. If you are having feelings of depression or other strong negative emotions affecting your mental health, a referral to a mental health practitioner can be provided and encouraged alongside future Reiki sessions. Please always discuss any complementary health approaches with your medical or mental health provider.

How Reiki Can Help You…

Reiki can help relieve or reduce stress. Stress can cause or increase negative effects to the body, mind and spirit resulting in body pain, dis-ease, depression, anxiety, loss of purpose, self-esteem, or merely the energy and focus to live a fulfilling life.

Reiki has been used by people with migraines, stress and anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, injuries, and other health conditions to promote…

  •   Relaxation and stress reduction
  •   Pain management and relief
  •   Quicker recovery from injuries or surgery
  •   Reduction of side effects from cancer treatments,
  •   A sense of peace to people who are dying, to their families and caregivers
  •   Releases Blocks
  •   Stabilized moods
  •   Overall healthy feeling of well being

Note: Reiki is not a replacement for regular medical or mental health treatment and it’s advised that you see a doctor for any medical health condition. Please always discuss any complementary health approaches with your medical or mental health provider.

Sample List of Conditions Reiki Can Help

  •   Back pain
  •   Migraines
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Anger or jealousy
  •   Panic or fear
  •   Inability to cope
  •   Grief
  •   Stress
  •   Depression
  •   Anxiety
  •   Lack of concentration
  •   Insomnia
  •   Negative thinking
  •   Loss of meaning
  •   Spiritual seeking
  •   Balance, grounding or centering self
  •   Increased clear vision
  •   Inability to forgive
  •   Loss of personal power
  •   Disconnection from self and life

What Reiki is Not…

Reiki is not a religion, but is considered spiritual in nature. However, many religious groups including Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews use Reiki and find it compatible with their religious beliefs.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment, but instead is a complementary treatment. Reiki can however, help the recipient maintain balance, calm anxieties and manage their daily stressors which may result in less time in treatment and speed up recovery. So please check with your medical or mental health provider before changing or stopping any treatment you may be following.

Reiki is not massage therapy. Reiki is energy-based and does not involve manipulating bones or tissues. However, there are massage therapists who may incorporate Reiki in their practice and are licensed to do so. Reiki practitioners do not perform massage therapy unless licensed. I have had clients say they felt similar sensations during a Reiki session as being massaged; however again, this is the energy being felt by the recipient, not from any movement of hands by the Reiki practitioner.

About Me – Tonya Thomas

I’m pursuing my passion of helping people overcome the many challenges life throws in our paths from health challenges and stressful situations to challenging relationships and much more.

I received my BS in Human Resource Management in 1996 and my MS in Marriage & Family
Therapy in 2001; all while working full time at Boeing Aircraft Company and being a single mother. After 27 years with Boeing, I left the corporate world to follow my passion and am now currently working on my Doctorate in Psychology.

One of my major passions is helping others find the key to unlock the doors to their success; and I have found that Reiki can accelerate that process. Reiki provides a balanced flow of subtle energy that helps the recipient connect to the “healer within” to improve their own health and enhance quality of life. And, as I’ve already stated above…it’s all totally natural and drug free!

I began practicing Reiki in 2006 and was attuned to a Reiki Master in 2008; and I have seen some simply amazing results that really boggle the mind. To give you a little more insight into my own experience with Reiki, I’ve created a short 4 minute video. I hope you enjoy it.

Amazing Results from Reiki…

I’ve had many personal challenges I call “life experiences” and Reiki has helped me in so many ways. I’ve also had the privilege of helping others experience Reiki and overcome physical and emotional challenges in their lives. I am always humbled and grateful to experience the powerful effect Reiki has had on their lives and I am fascinated each and every time when they share their experience of the session. These experiences often validate my own personal experience I encounter during that same session. Here are a few of the many experiences I’ve had the privilege of helping my clients with.

1. Reduced Heart Rate: One of the biggest validations for me that Reiki was real was when a clients’ son ended up in a coma. She asked if I would come to the hospital and give him Reiki. “Of course,” I said. I was told that her son’s heart rate was too high and they were limiting visitors to two and only 10 min visits each hour. I was also told that he was not to be touched and that “nurse hatchet” was watching closely, so we may get run out.

I placed my hand on his arm, reached out to hold his mother’s hand and had her place her other hand on her son’s forehead forming a healing circle. We both were totally overjoyed when we watched his heart rate drop to a normal range…right before our eyes. During this experience “nurse hatchet” walked by, looked up at the monitor and said, “Now that’s what I like to see” and walked away.

And the best part, a few hours later her son woke up and the breathing tubes were removed. Amazing!

2. Not Sleeping: When I first began practicing Reiki, I met a new friend, Susan who was as enthusiastic in trying it as I was in practicing. She told me how she suffered from fibromyalgia, had a hard time getting out of bed each morning and wasn’t sleeping much more than two hours at a time.

We began with 2 one hour sessions a week for 4 weeks. In just weeks she was sleeping 4 hours and then 6 hours before waking up. And even better, when she got out of bed in the mornings, she no longer had to slowly stretch her body out in order to stand up straight.

3. Stress from Divorce: Jackie came to me during a very painful divorce to experience Reiki. As she lay on the table, my hands sunk into her abdomen. I felt such deep pain and sorrow that had left a “hole” deep in her body. I’ve recorded her personal testimony of the experience here. I hope you enjoy it.

After being attuned to second level Reiki, I was even more amazed at how powerful Reiki is and the ability of being connected to another and to be able to share the power of Reiki with people 1000s of miles away. For me, these experiences validated even more how we are all energy and connected to each other as ONE. As I continued sharing Reiki, the experiences continued to deepen. Here are a few more experiences I’ve had in sharing Reiki with others.

4. Large Bump Disappeared: One evening I was sharing about my experience of Reiki with family members and my father-in-law asked me to lay my hands on the back of his neck. He had a large bump about the size of a baseball located just below his neck along his spine.

After about 15 min, I removed my hands…the bump was gone; totally smoothed out. Both my father-in-law and my son happily freaked out. My son then shared with me how he remembered as a kid pushing on this area of his grandfather’s back to only have it pop back out hours later. One year later, I had to do another session on that same area…it’s now been over five years and it hasn’t popped out again.

5. Bad Relationship: During a session I felt a strong pull to a woman’s heart chakra, which is located in the middle of the chest between the breast bones. The energy was so strong; I could feel immense heat being pulled from my hands when touching this area. I felt a sense of sadness inside me as I remained here while the woman, who was receiving Reiki, began to sob.

As I continued sharing Reiki, I asked her guides to help her through the pain she was experiencing and guide her towards her highest good. After the session, we sat and processed the experience. She shared with me how much her heart hurt and the difficulty she was having in releasing a person from her life; someone whom she didn’t want to let go of even though she knew she needed to.

Note: The recipient always has choice in their own life decisions. Reiki does NOT take away or bring people into our lives. Reiki will, however, bring up unprocessed emotions and/or unresolved issues within us and with others that need to be dealt with. Again, it is the person’s choice to resist or release these pains. This is one of those life experiences that each of us must face in order to grow to our highest good.

6. Recovery from Surgery: Here is a video from Janet who experienced healing with her legs after surgery. It’s amazing how quickly she recovered.

What to Do Next…

I truly hope you have enjoyed visiting my site and found the information helpful. If you’re currently looking for help or a natural solution to compliment your current medical or mental health treatment, a way to release stress, anxiety, pain; a way to speed up recovery from surgery or an illness or simply want to find some clarity or balance in your life, I am here to help.

You may also have more questions about Reiki or how I can help you, which I would be more than happy to answer. Just Click Here and fill out my contact form with your question(s). I’ll be more than happy to provide you with an answer.

If you would like to experience a Reiki session for yourself or know somebody looking to receive Reiki, again Click Here to schedule an appointment. You can either book via email and I will contact you, or simply give me a call.

I am currently scheduling sessions in person by appointment in Austin, Texas and Wichita, Kansas. Other locations are possible during specific times of the year such as Newport Beach, California and Dallas, Texas and other areas surrounding or near Austin.

Distance Reiki… Don’t worry if you do not live in Austin, Tx as distance has no effect on Reiki’s healing abilities. I have done many long distance sessions and seen some amazing results. We can then follow up after the session via the phone, Skype or Google hangouts to go over any questions you might have or experiences you would like to discuss.

Simply Click Here to schedule an appointment via email at a mutual time within our own respective time zones.

Become a Reiki Practitioner… If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Reiki practitioner to give Reiki to yourself or share with others, please Click Here and send me an email. I’ll be happy to talk to you further about what it takes to get certified and attuned through the three different levels. I only conduct Reiki attunements in person, but would be glad to help connect you to someone local.

Payment… All in person sessions are paid as services are rendered by cash or credit/debit via PayPal. Long distance sessions are prepaid via PayPal.

My Guarantee… You might be a little skeptical about receiving Reiki for the first time. To help ease any nervousness you might have, I offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on the first session. This refund is only offered on the first session I have with you. It is not valid second, third or additional sessions. The refund also must be requested at the end of the first session. No further sessions or services will be offered if a refund is requested.